Polyimide Film & Film Tape

Polyimide Film and Film Tape Manufacturer
Polyimide Film and Polyimide Film Tape are two of our main products, featuring their high quality and excellent performance.
We provide all kinds of Film and Tape, such as Polyimide Film and Polyimide Film Tape, all with high quality.

Polyimide Film Tape Manufacturer
With rich experience of producing Polyimide Film Tape, EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD. is able to manufacture professional Film Tape and Polyimide Film.
We provide a variety of Polyimide Film, including Polymide Film Tape and Polymide Film.

H type polyimide films retain their physical properties over a wide temperature range. They have been used in field application where the environmental temperature were as low as -269℃(- 452℉) and as high as 400℃(752℉) can be used for a long period of time within the range of -269℃ ~ +280℃. It is the composite material with best comprehensive properties and heat resistance.
Etese is specialized in manufacturing Polymide Film, Polymide Film Tape and Pocket Smoke Mask  for many years. We constantly improve our techniques and upgrade technology to provide the best product to our customers.
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