If you need eco-friendly products, meet Evertech Envisafe Ecology CO., LTD!


If you need eco-friendly products, meet Evertech Envisafe Ecology CO., LTD!
EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD. is a superior quality Non-Woven Textile Fabrics in Taiwan, supplying Activated Carbon Fiber, Active Carbon Fiber Materials and Conductive Electricity Yarn with superior quality. We supply High Hardness Fabric, Active Carbon, Global Friendly Material, 3D Type Medical Mask and Cone Type Masks. In addition to High-Tech Materials, we also provide Antimagnetic Wave fiber, Electric Conduction, Static Electricity and Polyimide Film. If you are searching for high quality Polyimide Film Tape, ACF Honeycomb Filter and Plane Type Mask, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD. we offer a series of high-technology products, including materials and products--activated carbon, fireproofing, filter, masks, antimagnetic wave, electric conduction, static electricity, isolation, enzyme, and natural cleaner--to the public for protecting the environment and satisfy humans needs at the same time.

Also, we provide EMI antimagnetic wave covering electric conduction cloth, electric conduction yarn, electric conduction non-woven fabric, PI membrane for smokeproof masks, 100% activated carbon non-woven fiber, static electricity filter non-woven fabric, enzyme products, and natural cleaners!

Main Products:
• Activated Carbon Fiber
• Masks
• Conductive Electricity Cloth
• Non-Woven Fabric
• Mask

Sincerely welcome interested customers to visit our official website and contact us directly!
• Website:www.etese.com
• Contact: +886–2–24284719
• E-Mail:etese.huang@msa.hinet.net / ceo@etese.com

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