We understand how important to protect the Earth, the environment, and human life, so our creation and management philosophy is to do what we should do to protect the Earth. Taking advantage of the professional knowledge and technique, we offer a series of high-technology products, including materials and products--activated carbon, fireproofing, filter, masks, antimagnetic wave, electric conduction, static electricity, isolation, enzyme, and natural cleaner--to the public for pro.

Activated Carbon Fabric

EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD.'s mission, as a worldwide activated carbon fabric supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality. We can produce first-rate non-woven carbon fiber at a low price because we are the industry leader in activated carbon fabric. Our main goal is to provide items that meet or exceed our clients' expectations while remaining cost-effective. If you are looking for suppliers and long-term mutually beneficial partnership, we are ready to offer you our services.
Activated Carbon Granular Non-Woven Fabric

Granular Activated Carbon Fabric

Activated Carbon Granular Non-Woven Fabric

We are professional manufacturer of Activated Carbon Fiber. Our main products include Activated Carbon Fiber Materials, Conductive Electricity Yarn, Conductive Electricity Cloth, Polyimide Film, ACF Honeycomb Filter, Polyimide Film Tape, etc. We are professional manufacturer of Activated Carbon Fabric main Products include Activated Carbon Fiber, Conductive Electricity Yarn, Conductive Electricity Cloth, Polyimide Film, Polyimide Film Tape, etc.
Description :

Have Following Merits
  1. High Porosity and Adsorption.
  2. High Hardness
  3. Good Abrasion Resistance
  4. Low Ash Content
  5. Minimum Loss in Regeneration
  6. Containing No Poisonous Chemicals
And Its Application Is Widely Used In
  1. Gas Absorption
    - (Gas Refinement)Industrial uses
    - Exhaust Purification
    - Air Purification
    - Gas Separation
    - Catalyst or Contact Catalyst
  2. Absorption in Liquid System
    - Water Purification for drinking water at home and Industry
    - Industrial and Living Drainage Purification
EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD is a superior quality Non-Woven Textile Fabrics in Taiwan, supplying Activated Carbon Fiber, Active Carbon Fiber Materials and Conductive Electricity Yarn with superior quality.  We supply High Hardness Fabric, Active Carbon, Global Friendly Material, Medical Surgical Mask and Cone Face Masks.  In addition to High-Tech Materials, we also provide Antimagnetic Wave fiber, Electric Conduction, Static Electricity and Polyimide Film. If you are searching for high quality Polyimide Film Tape, ACF Honeycomb Filter and Plane Face Mask, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD. is recognized by our customers as the best provider of activated carbon fabric throughout the world. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We invite you to look at our Web site and you will find us to be a reliable source for your needs. We will establish long-term cooperation and growth together with your business. EVERTECH ENVISAFE ECOLOGY CO., LTD. aims to design and build the world's best performing activated carbon fabric, creating the perfect products and services for every type of customer. For more details about our non-woven carbon fiber, please contact with us immediately.